Problem: curtains.js raises errors “TypeError: cannot read property ‘execute’ of undefined”

Problem Description:

Everything was working fine and I didn’t change anything, but when I run the program in my local environment, it shows the above error. Other occurred error messages include: “Plane: Unable to create a Plane because the Renderer WebGL context is not defined”, “Failed to create WebGL context: failIfMajorPerformanceCaveat: Compositor is not hardware-accelerated.”


Browser updated before running the program


  1. Restart the browser;
  2. If it is unsolved, reboot your computer;

Root Cause

According to Zach Saucier, the WebGL renderer may crash. So the problem has nothing to do with curtain.js

Reference — Remo’s comment stated the same issue




Web developer

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Asher Yang

Asher Yang

Web developer

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